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Belarus' most frequent visa-free visitors

Belarus' most frequent visa-free visitors

12.12.2018 | 13:07

As of 29 November Belarus welcomed almost 179,000 visitors from various countries, including:

Germany - over 28,000

Poland – over 16,000

Italy – over 15,000

United Kingdom - nearly 12,000

United States - about 12,000

France - about 8,000

Netherlands – over 6,000

Latvia – over 6,000

Sweden – over 6,000

Lithuania - over 5,000.

To visit Belarus without a visa foreign nationals must fly in and out of Minsk National Airport (the visa waiver does not apply to persons flying in Minsk and out from/to Russia).

A visitor must carry:

- a valid passport;

- medical insurance in the amount of at least €10,000 (can be purchased on site);

- assets equivalent to at least two base amounts for each day of stay (one base amount equals Br24.5).

* Base amount is equal to Br24.5

Source: Sport and Tourism Ministry of Belarus