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Belagro 2019

Belagro 2019

04.06.2019 | 14:14

Belagro 2019

International Agriculture Expo Belagro 2019, Minsk District, 4-9 June

Venue: Globus Park trade and logistics center, Shchomyslitsa agro-town, Minsk District


Area - approximately 25,000 m2

More than 300 units of equipment.


29 foreign delegations (Germany, Israel, the United States, Canada, China, Lithuania, Russia, Czechia, Sweden, and others)

More than 500 companies

The main draw of of the expo is the innovative exposition “Experimental Field” that compares the experimental varieties of winter wheat, triticale, rye and barley.

The international agriculture expo Belagro has been regularly held since 1990.

Source: Belarus' Agriculture and Food Ministry, Minskexpo Company

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