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07 August 2020, 15:09

9 August: Election Day in Belarus

9 August: Election Day in Belarus

8.00-20.00 – voting time for voters at the polling stations in their electoral district or at home*.

A voter needs:

- to be in the list of eligible voters;

- to have a valid passport, ID:

A ballot is issued upon producing:

- a passport

- a military service card for active-duty military personnel

- a civil servant identification card

- a pensioner identification card with a photo

- a university student identification card

- a temporary certificate issued by police to citizens who have lost their passports

- a driver's license.

The voter ticks or crosses the box next to the name of the person he/she wants to vote for.

If the voter marks more than one box or puts no marks at all, the ballot paper is considered invalid.

*If the voter cannot come to the local polling station on Election Day due to poor health or any other good reason, he or she can verbally or in written form request the relevant election commission to organize domiciliary voting. The request is to be submitted by 18.00 on 9 August 2020.

Source: Central Election Commission of Belarus

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