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20 September 2022, 09:05

Snopkov highlights key points of Belarus-China declaration passed in Samarkand

An archive photo
An archive photo

MINSK, 20 September (BelTA) – Belarus' First Deputy Premier Nikolai Snopkov has commented on the essence and key points of the Belarus-China joint declaration on establishing all-weather and all-round strategic partnership that was signed following the meeting between Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko and China President Xi Jinping in Samarkand, BelTA has learned.

“In 1996 China began to classify its foreign policy based on the level of diplomatic relations with various countries. Such classification relies on 11 main criteria and a number of sub-criteria, all in all, there are 24 levels. The declaration adopted in Samarkand is the highest level of cooperation between the two countries - China and Belarus. All-weather and all-round strategic partnership. What does this mean? Regardless of when, how and where the international situation changes, the two countries maintain close relations in politics, economy and security,” the first deputy prime minister explained.

According to him, the level of relations indicates the level of trust in a particular country. “This is especially important now amidst global transformations, political games, economic sanctions. Man is known by the company he keeps. For Belarus, such an all-weather partner is the basis of independent development,” Nikolai Snopkov emphasized.

The declaration is fundamental in nature and outlines a general political position. More than that, it is specific and practical. The priority tasks for the near future are to give a boost to technological and investment cooperation, interregional contacts, to establish areas of in-depth cooperation, in particular, with the cities of Tianjin, Chongqing and Qingdao.

Trade, financial and interbank cooperation are classified in the declaration as priority tasks.

The declaration also defines areas of increased focus. These are cooperation in food security, green economy, traditional Chinese medicine, pharmaceutics and biotechnology. “A regional center of traditional and innovative Chinese medicine will be set up in the China-Belarus Industrial Park Great Stone. This is also part of the declaration,” said Nikolai Snopkov.

Cooperation in transport and logistics, which is extremely important for Belarus in the face of sanctions, was identified as a key area of focus. The parties plan to ramp up container traffic, create ‘green' railway corridors, and promote transboundary automobile corridors.

“The adoption of the joint declaration will give a fresh impetus to Chinese government agencies and businesses to intensify the whole spectrum of trade, economic and investment cooperation with Belarus, and will create an enabling environment for the implementation of joint socio-economic and humanitarian projects,” Nikolai Snopkov added.

A reminder, Aleksandr Lukashenko and Xi Jinping met in Samarkand where they took part in the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization on 15-16 September. “A meeting of old friends is always warm. Our bilateral relations have been incessantly advancing over the 30 years of China-Belarus diplomatic relations. Together with Mister President the reached agreements are being effectively realized, all-round cooperation of the two countries is characterized by strength and resilience. As a result of the meeting we are passing a joint declaration on establishing relations of all-weather and all-round strategic partnership and implement a historic upgrade of our cooperation to a new level,” Xi Jinping stated.

Xi Jinping assured he was ready to continue working together with Aleksandr Lukashenko to realize mutual political support and activate the entire complex of China-Belarus cooperation for the benefit of the peoples of the two countries. The China president also expressed gratitude for the close attention paid to China-Belarus relations.

In turn, Aleksandr Lukashenko assured President Xi Jinping of the reliability of Belarusian friendship. The Belarusian leader said: “Dear Chairman, I thank you for the kind words you've just said. If you want to know our attitude to the People's Republic of China and to you personally right now, you can multiply what you've said by two. You have always been not simply a solid and reliable friend for us but a serious support in these complicated times. You know what those are as well as I do. I'd like to once again reaffirm our determination to advance the relations. We have always supported China on all matters of principle. Such as economic growth, unity, integrity of China, the ‘One China' policy. We've always stood by you on all matters and even if someone wanted to rebuke us for something, they would not find a reason to. It will always be like that. We are reliable friends. Whatever it may cost us, if we've promised, we will stick to this policy and practice.”

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