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23 March 2023, 19:40

Belarus ready to ship more passenger vehicles, agricultural machines to Russia's Altai Territory

Photo courtesy of the Embassy of Belarus in Russia
Photo courtesy of the Embassy of Belarus in Russia

MOSCOW, 23 March (BelTA) – A Belarusian delegation led by Deputy Prime Minister Leonid Zayats is visiting Altai Territory, Russian Federation on 21-24 March, the press service of the Belarusian embassy in Russia told BelTA.

At a meeting with Altai Territory Governor Viktor Tomenko the sides stated that deeper manufacturing cooperation and joint projects in all branches of the manufacturing sector represent the only correct way of development for Belarus and Russia in the current world situation. Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Belarus to Russia Dmitry Krutoi and Deputy Prime Minister Leonid Zayats informed Russian partners about capabilities of the Belarusian manufacturing sector taking into account needs and interests of the Russian region. Belarus is ready to satisfy the region's demand for tractors and agricultural machines, other agricultural equipment. Belarus is interested in selling more quality food to Altai Territory. Belarus is ready to share the best practices concerning livestock breeding and dairy animal husbandry, support for seed farming, processing of agricultural raw materials. The Belarusian automotive companies MAZ and Amkodor are ready to sell modern municipal vehicles and road construction and maintenance machines while Mogilevliftmash can satisfy the Russian region's demand for lifts.

Photo courtesy of the Embassy of Belarus in Russia
Photo courtesy of the Embassy of Belarus in Russia

According to the Belarusian embassy, Altai Territory is now actively renewing its passenger vehicle fleet. Public transport vehicles made by Belarusian manufacturers enjoy a strong demand in the region. The Belarusian delegation assured that Belarus is ready to continue supplying the region with modern buses, electrobuses, trolleybuses, and trams. Belarus can also offer modern technologies and equipment for water purification, water treatment and wastewater disposal to Altai Territory.

As part of the trip the Belarusian delegation visited the Altaiskoye branch of the greenhouse farming company Tolmachevskiy. The delegation was made familiar with the company's hydroponic technology for vegetable farming all the year round using assimilation lighting. The Russian side was also interested in Belarus' experience in this field.

The delegation also visited a Gomselmash service center opened by OOO Agrotsentr, a dealership of the Belarusian company in Altai Territory. The enterprise makes over 80 models of agricultural machines for various applications and over 25,000 spare parts and components. The products are sold in over 40 regions of Russia as well as Kazakhstan, Germany, Mongolia, and other countries.

At a meeting with the management of the company the sides discussed the quality of Belarusian vehicles and machines and possibilities for selling more of them in Altai Territory. At present Agrotsentr offers warranty services to 250 Belarusian vehicles and machines and post-warranty maintenance to over 1,000 units.

During a trip to the Altai State Agricultural University the Belarusian delegation was made familiar with the organization of the education process and with the classrooms. Belarusian manufacturers have installed their vehicles and machines in some of the classrooms. In particular, an educational model of the Belarusian tractor MTZ can be found in one of the classrooms. Matters of cooperation in training personnel for agribusiness were discussed with the university's Rector Nikolai Kolpakov.

Apart from that, the 8th session of the bilateral commission on coordinating cooperation between Belarus and Altai Territory took place. The Belarusian ambassador Dmitry Krutoi backed the idea to put together a plan for deliveries of Belarusian agricultural machines to the Russian region. The diplomat also stressed the need to take into account the growing competition on the market on the part of Chinese manufacturers.

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