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08 May 2023, 10:00

Belarus' FAO ambassador: No one is happy with Brussels and its sanctions policy

MINSK, 7 May (BelTA) – Some 1 billion people live in the countries that impose sanctions, and 7 billion live in the rest of the world that pay for the ambitions of the leaders of this 1 billion, Chargé d'Affaires of the Republic of Belarus in the Italian Republic, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Belarus to FAO Kirill Petrovsky said on the air of the STV TV channel on 7 May, BelTA has learned.

“We managed to create an informal anti-sanctions club here. The number of its members is constantly growing, but so far our numbers are clearly not enough to resist the Western bloc,” Kirill Petrovsky said.

“Most importantly, we are in the right. We know about this. They do too. Representatives of Western countries who return from Rome to their capitals suggest lifting sanctions on fertilizers. We know that such conversations are taking place. The ambassadors report to their government that what the West proclaims does not correspond to what they do, that starving people (this very almost a billion) are being deceived. Sooner or later, I am sure, this will lead to some kind of general decisive response," Kirill Petrovsky said.

The chargé d'affaires added that he meets with a huge number of Italian citizens, Italian companies that have worked with Belarus or want to work with Belarus. "I have never seen any negativity. These people say with regret that there are problems, that they cannot buy or supply some goods, and this is very bad," he said.

According to Kirill Petrovsky, representatives of Italy note a shortage of goods on the market. "They say that they would be happy not to pay several times more for some goods and that they would rather have these goods supplied by us, but no one asks their opinion. People, companies have a very warm regard for us and are extremely unhappy with the sanctions war. No one is happy with Brussels and its sanctions policy, not a single person," the chargé d'affaires concluded.

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