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2020 Belarus Presidential Election

2020 Belarus Presidential Election

The House of Representatives has scheduled the presidential election for 9 August.

The Central Election Commission (CEC) has published the calendar of the key presidential election dates and events. The document is available on the CEC website.

The calendar sets the deadlines for setting up election commissions. Territorial election commissions shall be established by 20 May while precinct election commissions by 24 June. Polling stations shall be set up by the same deadline.

Contenders for the presidential post shall file papers to register an initiative group with the Central Election Commission by 15 May. Members of the group shall collect signatures in support of nominating their candidate from 21 May through 19 June.

Candidates shall be nominated from 20 June to 4 July. They shall be registered from 5 July to 14 July to give start to the election campaigning. The main events of the election campaigning are also stipulated in the presidential election calendar.

Early voting shall be held on 4-8 August.

The Central Election Commission shall announce the results not later than 19 August. The run-off, if needed, is to be held within two weeks, i.e. 23 August.

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