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Reenactors in Brest

Reenactors in Brest

21.06.2018 | 15:31

Reenactors from 11 countries will take part in the international historical reenactment gathering “22 June. Brest Fortress”. The event will be held for the 8th time already. Taking part in it will be 550 reenactors from Belarus, Russia, Austria, Ukraine, Israel, Czechia, Latvia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Japan and China. The event is organized by the Brest Oblast Executive Committee, the Brest City Executive Committee, the Youth Creativity Center of Brest Oblast, the Military History Club Garrison, the BRSM Youth Union, and local military registration and enlistment offices.

In the photo: (left to right) Anatoly Titunin from the Garrison-A Club (Moscow), Gennady Pavlovich from the Brest Fortress Military History Club and Timur Cherepin from the Garrison-A Club (Moscow).