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Nikolai Shchekin

Philosophical debates help consolidate the society

Opinions 20.10.2017 | 15:01
Nikolai Shchekin Nikolai Shchekin Head of the Political and Economic Sociology Center at the Sociology Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

Philosophical debates promote the consolidation of the society and international integration, Associate Professor Nikolai Shchekin, Candidate of Philosophy, Head of the Political and Economic Sociology Center at the Sociology Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus told BelTA.

The first Belarusian congress of philosophy is held in Minsk on 18-20 October. “It is for the first time that an open discussion platform of the world level has been organized in Belarus. Taking part in the forum are leading Belarusian and international experts, scholars of philosophy, history, sociology and politology. It is important to view such debates as an important component in the consolidation of the society. The major function of philosophy is the diagnostics of public conscience. The organization of the Belarusian philosophical forum proves the civic maturity of our society, the strengthening of the role of democratic institutes,” he said. The forum provides an opportunity, jointly with counterparts representing different scientific schools, to develop the best understanding of the development prospects of Belarus and the whole world.

According to the expert, it is only humanitaristics that can form a citizen who knows and respects the history of the nation, value the reality, understands his role in the life of the society. “Sooner or later every person has to face problems which cannot be addressed without a philosophical approach. There are answers to the most complicated questions in the world view we inherit from our forefathers. The wealth of the nation is in a high level of its education and spiritual maturity,” Nikolai Shchekin said.

As BelTA has earlier reported, the philosophical congress is one of the most important forum of the Year of Science in Belarus and the biggest scientific forum in the history of the country. Taking part in the forum will be about 500 philosophers. Virtually half of the participants are foreign guests. Belarus will welcome scientists from 20 countries, including Russia, China, France, Italy, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, the Baltic states

The organizers view the congress as an instrument to consolidate scientists for addressing fundamental tasks in the development of the state, the society and culture, and also as a means to exhibit the achievements of the Belarusian science, the legacy of the spiritual culture the intellectual potential of Belarus, the country's contribution to the peace process and addressing the global issues of the present day.

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