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WannaCry malware

WannaCry malware

16.05.2017 | 12:37

As many as 162,800 computers in 150 countries remain infected as a result of the hacker attack utilizing the WannaCry malware.

Registered infections:

13 May — 85,600,

14 May — 115,700,

15 May — 51,500,

16 May — 86,200.

What the malware does:

the virus connects to a PC that runs OS Windows,

encrypts files,

demands a ransom of $300-600,

the hackers threaten to double the ransom after three days,

the hackers threaten to make encryption irreversible after one week.

Microsoft released a security update on 14 March 2017 to protect Windows PCs from the virus.

As a preventive measure:

do not click questionable URLs,

keep your antivirus up to date

back up critical data to external hard drives.

Source: MalwareTech and public sources.