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Fourth Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia

Fourth Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia

28.06.2017 | 15:39

The Fourth Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia is aimed at strengthening the ties and improving the legal framework to boost the economic growth of the two countries.

Moscow, 29-30 June

Theme: Promoting integration between the regions of Russia and Belarus in high technology, innovation, and information society.

Plans have been made to sign over $400 million worth of contracts.

The expo that will be held as part of the forum will showcase more than 250 products and solutions developed by 84 Belarusian companies and organizations in the following areas: mechanical engineering, space exploration, electric transport, biotechnology, healthcare, 3D printing and nanoindustry, chemical and petrochemical industry, information and communication technology, youth projects, and others.

In Russia there are 210 companies with Belarusian capital.

In Belarus there are 2,449 companies with Russian capital.

Mutual direct investments in 2016:

from Belarus to Russia - $2.1 billion

from Russia to Belarus - $3.5 billion

Source: Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of Belarus, National Statistics Committee.

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