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Belagro 2017

Belagro 2017

05.06.2017 | 15:00

The 27th international specialized expo Belagro 2017 will take place in Minsk on 6-10 June (Belarusian Agro Industrial Week).

Venue: the trade and logistics center Globus at Bldg 28 in Shchomyslitsa, Minsk District, 3km away from the Minsk-Brest intersection on the Minsk ring road.


Area: 24,850m2,

286 machines and vehicles.


21 foreign delegations,

507 companies from 25 countries:

Germany, Israel, Kazakhstan, China, Lithuania, UAE, Pakistan, Russia, Czechia, and other ones.

Key event:

The first Belarusian-African forum.

The international specialized expo Belagro has been held since 1990.

Source: The Agriculture and Food Ministry, ZAO MinskExpo

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