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Five-day visa-free travel to Belarus

Five-day visa-free travel to Belarus

The five-day visa-free regime of entry will come into force in Belarus on 12 February 2017.

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko's decree No. 8 “On the introduction of the visa-free entry and departure for foreign citizens” was officially published on the National Legal Internet Portal on 11 January. The citizens of 80 countries will be able to start using its benefits in the middle of February.

The decree introduces the visa-free entry through the border checkpoint at the Minsk National Airport and the visa-free stay in Belarus for up to 5 days.

Minsk National Airport
Sanitary precautions beefed up in Minsk airport due to visa-free travel
27 February, 17:32
An action plan has been put together to prevent infectious diseases of international importance from penetrating the country. Personnel of the customs service, the border service, the veterinary and phytosanitary services, and travel agencies will receive additional training with regard to sanitary protection measures.
An archive photo
Grodno expects to welcome 5,000th visa-free visitor to Augustow Canal on 27 February
27 February, 17:18
As of the morning of 27 February, there were 4,998 vise-free visitors to the tourism and recreation park Augustow Canal and its surroundings.
An archive photo
Corporate weekends in Grodno growing in popularity with Lithuanians, Poles
23 February, 12:08
Travel agencies have launched a new product, namely tours for foreigners to the visa-free zone of Grodno Oblast. They organize corporate tours for companies wishing to celebrate some occasion with a trip to Belarus.
Belarus' visa-free visitors mostly German tourists
22 February, 17:36
The number of foreigners entering Belarus through Minsk National Airport has already exceeded 1,500 since the launch of visa-free entry. German tourists have made up the majority so far, followed by Polish, Italian and UK citizens.
About 170 five-day tours now available in Belarus
22 February, 17:32
The tours can be mixed and matched to satisfy the taste of visitors, who intend to stay in Belarus for three to five days. Any travel agency can use the list to put together a competitive product.
Filipp Guly
VIP tourism opportunities in Belarus unveiled
22 February, 17:29
“Belarusian hotels offer outstanding suites. Helicopter tours are available. Celebrations can be organized for kids using custom-made scenarios. This is why websites of some companies offer the full package of luxury products depending on the season,” noted Filipp Guly.
Visa-free travel expected to bring at least 15-20% more tourists to Minsk
22 February, 16:02
In addition to the conventional tours that travel agencies offer to foreigners today, new ideas are being developed in a bid to bring more tourists, introduce them to Belarus' traditions, national culture and customs.
Interest in Belarus soars after launch of visa-free travel
22 February, 15:39
Five days is enough for a regular radial route, the first acquaintance with the country, a flight stopover, Filip Guly believes.
Minsk travel agencies to offer more sightseeing tours in English
22 February, 14:22
Yelena Plis said: “Minsk travel agencies are now actively involved in the development of sightseeing programs for English-speaking tourists, including weekend tours.”
Yelena Plis
Belarusian travel agencies look forward to Minsk-Tallinn direct flights
22 February, 12:51
Yelena Plis said: “Minsk's tourism potential was presented for the first time in Tallinn two weeks ago. The strong interest in the country and the city was noted. The lack of a direct flight is the only deterring factor. We hope that Belavia will promptly get involved and flights between Minsk and Tallinn will be resumed.”
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