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Five-day visa-free travel to Belarus

Five-day visa-free travel to Belarus

The five-day visa-free regime of entry will come into force in Belarus on 12 February 2017.

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko's decree No. 8 “On the introduction of the visa-free entry and departure for foreign citizens” was officially published on the National Legal Internet Portal on 11 January. The citizens of 80 countries will be able to start using its benefits in the middle of February.

The decree introduces the visa-free entry through the border checkpoint at the Minsk National Airport and the visa-free stay in Belarus for up to 5 days.

Website for booking Belarusian travel services presented in Minsk
25 May, 18:07
The project is supposed to help foreigners rediscover Belarus as a hospitable and friendly country. It will tell visitors about the country's tourism opportunities and will help develop the Belarusian hospitality industry using modern information technologies. The website is available in Belarusian, Russian, and English.
Decision on extending visa-free travel area onto Grodno railway terminal soon
19 May, 19:36
The railway border checkpoint was not covered by the presidential decree, which introduced the visa-free travel regulations, because communication with Poland by rail was not available when the decree was put together. However, communication by rail was resumed later on. Now many tourists arrive on board the Grodno-Krakow train.
Five hotels to open in Grodno's historic center
12 May, 19:32
Two of the five hotels are supposed to open by the end of the year. In particular, the hotel in Kalyuchinskaya Street will be located in an old building near Sovetskaya Square.
Plans to open Belarusian-Polish border checkpoints Peschatka, Domachevo to bicyclists
11 May, 19:26
During the meeting the sides decided to recommend working out a common stance on allowing bicycle traffic via the automobile border checkpoints Peschatka and Domachevo. The measure could contribute to the development of tourism potential of the bordering areas of Belarus and Poland.
Opinion: Visa-free travel in Brest and surroundings will attract more tourists from Poland
11 May, 18:20
Jerzy Leszczynski said that the relations between the near-border regions of Belarus and Poland are rapidly growing stronger.
YouTube video explains visa-free travel to Belarus
4 May, 12:43
According to the source, the video is meant to raise the awareness of foreign citizens about Belarusian visa-free entry rules. The video is available in English and Russian. The video is designed to explain peculiarities of visa-free entry to Belarus as simply as possible.
Free Wi-Fi time in Minsk airport extended to three hours
3 May, 19:10
In the past users outside the MSQcatering network (VIP and business lounges, the auxiliary premises, the Liner restaurant, and a public catering outlet) could enjoy only 15 minutes of free Internet access from Beltelecom.
Grodno welcomes record high number of foreign tourists
2 May, 18:11
Last weekend Grodno and the suburbs welcomed about 3,000 foreign tourists, including about 2,000 tourists, who opted to visit the Augustow Canal Park without visas. The oblast capital is part of the park's visa-free travel area.
Zinaida Mishkinene
Grodno celebrates 10,000th visa-free tourist
21 April, 17:29
Deputy Head of the Education, Sports and Tourism Department of the Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee Yevgeny Arod gave a symbolic present to Zinaida Mishkinene from Vilnius.
An archive photo of the Augustow Canal
Augustow Canal Park gearing up to welcome 10,000th visa-free tourist
17 April, 18:00
This week we expect to celebrate the 10,000th tourist. We are clarifying who this person is and what checkpoint he/she is going to enter the country, Oleg Andreichik noted.
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